BunkMaster v3.0

Aug 16, 2014

BunkMaster Is Intended exclusively for the students who want to catch up with their attendance in the event of absence from the class.

BunkMaster can be used for maintaining a minimum level of attendance percentage for school/college students.

BunkMaster Free is an ad supported version of the paid ad free app BunkMaster. If you like the free version, please buy the ad free version and support us. BunkMaster Free is a free to use application intended for students who are lagging behind in there attendance count and let them keep up with the required margin. It will help you master your bunks. BunkMaster can be used in schools, colleges, universities, and even more. BunkMaster will show your percentage of absence and analyse your current status. It is an excellent attendance meter you can find in the market. It will leave you with enough attendance to jump over your margin.

BunkMaster v3 introduces many new features such as notes, reminders, homescreen widget and most importantly a daily reminder. This will help you take quick notes of important task such as assignment and also set reminders for each notes.

1. One SHOULD USE the app DAILY inorder to get the desired result
2. This app should not be misused.. 😉

We are also happy to announce a developer community in Google+ for BunkMaster for people who want to test the beta versions of the upcoming version and give us the review and suggestions to make the app better.

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